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  • Do you have any Hood Scoops in stock?
    Usually... We are the manufacturer/fabricator and always try to have stock on hand for same day shipping. If we do not have the hood scoop you order in stock, our goal is to have it shipped within 10 working days..
  • How do the Hood Scoops attach?
    The Hood Scoop comes with two quarter turn pins similar to the Kawasaki hood pins. Remove the hood, install the scoop with the (2) included quarter turn pins, then install the hood into the scoop. Your stock hood will then close as before utilizing the pin points on your new hood scoop. No drilling, no tools and no tie straps required.
  • Can you customize the pattern on the hood scoop?
    Yes, we can customize the pattern. The cost of customizing will depend on the complexity of your design. Send us an email for a quote.
  • Delivery or Pick up?
    We can ship any where in the U.S.A. or you can pick up.
  • How does the All Weather Scoop work?
    The All Weather Scoop comes with a plate that inserts into the scoop under the hood to block the inlet. To install the plate, open the hood, drop the plate in the tabs just inside the scoop inlet, close the hood and go. No tools required and the hood scoop can remain in place all year long.
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